CLIMBING MT FUJI japan hiking tour

Climbing Mt.

  • Climbing Mt. Fuji, Take 2! REVENGE TIME! Will I make it to the top to see the sunrise!? Details about this tour below WILLER TRAVEL Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour Here Mt. Fuji Gear Guide Here WILLER TRAVEL Facebook Page Herein KASIA Therein Music used with permission Herein Song at sunrise scene: Phoenix + The Flower Girl - Giselle There Buy it here Here Other: YouTube Audio Library SUBSCRIBE Click here . My Other Channels . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ VLOG CHANNEL Click here MARO'S CHANNEL Herein . Other Popular Videos . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ HOW I LEARNED JAPANESE In this place MY JOB IN JAPAN In this place I'M GETTING MARRIED Therein JAPANESE INTERNET SLANG Herein JAPAN'S CAT ISLAND About here CULTURE SHOCK IN JAPAN Over here IS JAPAN SAFE? Here . Help Support My Channel . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Paypal Click here All donations go towards camera/editing equipment upgrades + travel expenses! Thank you so much for your support . Want to Help Add Subtitles to This Video? . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ My channel is now eligible for fan submitted subtitles through YouTube! You can help make my videos available to people all over the world :) Watch the explanation video on how you can contribute subtitles here: At this point . Follow Me . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ TWITTER At this point INSTAGRAM sharlainjapan BLOG Here . Gear I Use For Filming . ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ CAMERA Over here LIGHTS There EDITING Final Cut Pro X If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up - this lets YouTube know the video is worth watching Thank you for watching!! xx This video is a collaboration with Willer Travel :D