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  • (Click!) ! 1. ! ~ 2. ( ) ! ( ~) : 4 24 . . ~ . Hello, It's U:NA. At least once, anyone have thought about the skin- ? 'The gorgeous skin that you desire to be seen as if it's put no makeup on!' ! How would it be fantasic if your skin looked so natural and healthy like you just came out from the gym after working out? , But in reality...? ? I rather pretend to have that skin by nature with makeup than being my bare skin. . .!! In fact, it's not easy at all to make your skin look lively and natural with makeup as you know. , , , ? Today, I'm going to let you guys know how to do that! ~ Actually I get my cosmetic products sponsored, but I try them myself and select good ones to express skin. , Here are my honest review and how to make your skin look lively with makeup! ! Now let's get started~! Click on the subscribe button before we start~!! ~! ~!! From now on, enjoy my video. And please don t forget to subscribe my channel~!! ~!! Thank you^^ ^^ ( - Products I use today) (HANSKIN) (REAL COMPLEXTION CREAM) (BIO ORIGIN ROYAL AMPULE BB EX) - (BLEMISH COVER- LIGHT) (BIO FIT CREAM LIP&CHEEK) 02 (SHU UEMURA EYE BROW PENCIL 02) (ETUDE HOUSE DR. MASCARA FIXER FOR PERFECT LASH) www.beautycloudmakeup.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U:na Insta ( ) www.instagram.com/chrise.choi U:na Facebook ( ) www.facebook.com/yunacc U:na BLOG ( ) blog.naver.com/chrise0817